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The HIPAC Justice & Compassion Ministry assists churches in finding ways to offer faithful, Christlike presence in their communities. This equipping comes through assessments, workshops and consultations with pastors and local church leaders.


Conflict is a natural part of life in community; and how we engage conflict matters. Harm and pain often mark human relationships, both inside and outside the walls of the church. We as the HIPAC District believe that conflict is an opportunity to grow and mature further into the Life of Christ. As such, we have developed restorative practices that help communities move through conflict and harm and toward healing and justice. Whether your congregation is experiencing the need to build connection, experiencing strained relationships in leadership or between families, reintegration needs, or need a little help with difficult conversations or division around racism/politics/LGBTQ issues, we can help. Take a moment to fill out this form to start the process. It commits you to nothing but a phone call, but could have lasting positive impacts on your community.

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